Jan 2-31Raymond Crawford
 Feb 1-28Pepperberry Designs
 Mar 1-31Hello Spring Sale
 Apr 7-30Needle Crossings
 Apr 27Pat Carsley meet & greet, 11am-3pm
 May 1-31Lee Designs
 June 5-15Melissa Shirley
      (Featuring: Estee MacLeod, Elizabeth Foster, Annie
       O'Brien Gonzales, John Johannsen, Emma Williams)

 July 1-31Meredith Collection
 Aug 3 - 24Susan Roberts Needlepoint
 Sep 1 - 23Maggie and Company
 Oct 1 - 19Penny MacLeod
 Nov 1-30Pewter and Pine;
Doolittle Stitchery
 Dec 1-31CBK Needlepoint
 (Featuring: Scott Church)

2019 Trunk Shows
Come to a trunk show. It's your opportunity to see many canvases and to enjoy special savings.